Trip To North

Our Trip to the North…

Everything started on Saturday morning. We (Linus, Marta, Luca, Karel and Myself) got a car and tried to fit everything in the car… Unfortunately we had to get another car with a roof box, because we had too many things. 😀 This changed our timetable for the first day completely. We where not able to drive to Sweden to the Snow Village, but instead, we drove directly to Kilpisjärvi. That´s far north in Finland. Nature changes so rapidly while driving north, it is unbelievable. We stayed one night in a really nice cottage/house there with our own sauna and kitchen and everything. We continued our trip the next day up to Tromsø. The beauty I saw while driving there was just breathtaking! Norway is so wonderful. The mountains and the color of the sea… I can´t describe how beautiful it was. In Tromsø itself we met the other group with Florian at the cottage place we stayed. We made a short trip into the city and hunted for northern lights at night. Unfortunately we where unlucky and did not see any northern lights. Our group stayed in Tromsø for another day. We made a museum tour the next day and spend another night in our small but also very nice cottage.

On wednesday we continued to Nordkapp. It took us the whole day to drive there. The streets got really bad to drive, but also it felt like driving in heaven! Everything was snow-white. The only company we had on these roads where trucks. It felt strange, but really really nice. As we got closer to the end of the world, I felt like time stood still. We arrived in the hostel in Honningsvåg when the sun had already set down. A really nice woman welcomed us and also explained us, how to drive to Nordkapp itself. Because… The road up there is not open for everyone. You have to drive up there by convoy, who only drives there twice a day. And only if the weather is good enough. But we where lucky 😉 We where also really really lucky with northern lights! I was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed, that the sky was really really green. So I called the others and as they came outside the sky cleared and we could actually see some green northern lights. We got Linus ready (because he was not so excited as we where, he had already seen them…) and drove somewhere without any city lights. As we got on our perfect aurora spot, the sky completely cleared and we saw the most wonderful Aurora Borealis one can imagine. One time they even formed a butterfly on top of the sky. I was not able to photograph that. I had to feel and enjoy it to the fullest. But of course I took some pictures!

After our stop at the end of the world, we continued to Inari. The weather was not really nice at that time, so we visited museums and the Sami Parliament. It was really interesting! The good thing for me here is, that in most museums there is Finnish, English and German translations. Sometimes they are quiet awkward, but I think that´s really nice. I heard a lot of german people talking in all of the museums we visited, so it is for a reason, I guess 😉 After Inari, we where invited to Lauri´s cottage. This was our last stop and it was somewhere in the woods of Kemijärvi. Linus and Lauri made the best salmon I have ever eaten in my life!  And I had my first wooden sauna! It was the best ending of our trip I could imagine. I will never ever forget this trip. It was the most wonderful time. If you plan to do a trip up north – PLEASE go for it!  It will be the best decision you will ever make. And I can give you some advice 😉

I will be gone to Ylläs tomorrow. Flo and me are attending the “Arctic Inspiration Workshop” for our video documentary course. We will have to shoot a documentary video and also a commercial video for “Safartica”. This will be lots of fun! But also lots of work… I am excited. Maybe I have some time to tell you some more about it the next days. And please keep me also updated about life in the rest of the world!




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