Arctic Inspiration Workshop

Hey guys. I am back in Rovaniemi. I spent the last four days in Ylläs with the participants of the “Arctic Inspiration Workshop”. Flo and me had to film them during those 4 days. We will have to make a commercial video for Safartica. That´s an organisation who offers different kinds of tourist tours and attractions in Ylläs and also here in Rovaniemi. And we also have to make a documentary film about the course itself. So lots of work for us. We shot about 140GB of footage… I am kind of afraid to start looking through all of it, but I hope if we start it will go easier than expected.

The four days where full of fun activities! Most of them we could not really participate in, because we had to film. But we did not let us take to drive the snowmobiles. That was so much fun. Unbelievable nice to feel the speed again. 🙂 We also visited a husky farm. I was really looking forward for this, but in the end I was kind of brought to reality again. The dogs were tied to iron chains and smelled like they where ill. The minute I came there, I wanted to leave. But after some time, and as I was alone with them, they calmed down a little bit and I could actually enjoy the time with these animals. I really miss my pets. It´s strange how much animals are able to give.

The students also did snow shoe wandering and cross-country skiing. We made salmon again 😉 and yeah it was a pretty awesome time again. On Wednesday Flo and I have to meet with Safartica to discuss the commercial video footage. Let´s see. So now we will have to look through the material and start working on the editing and color correction and so on. Lots of work. Finally.


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