The last week and weekend, we enjoyed the calm before the storm. 😉 We went Snowmobiling again and also we did Husky sleigh riding. And all of that in Rovaniemi. It was really nice to see the city and surroundings from a snowmobile and husky sleigh. It definitely makes more fun, then by bike. 😀
It was a lot of fun. haha and we also got caught by the snowmobile police. They checked our alcohol level 😀 It was my very first police control!

Police Control

Husky Sleigh Ride

Florian and me also started to select the footage for our videos. Now we “only” have 30Gb of footage for the commercial video left and we will see how much for our documentary video. Right now we are finishing up most of the projects, so that we are able to actually think about our bachelor thesis. We will have to hand in our project description very soon….

And despite that, the weather is changing pretty fast. The sun is shining from 6am until 8:30pm now already! And the snow is almost gone, there is only icy snow left everywhere. But this means, Spring is here. We will have to adapt to the change of the environment. As sad as I am that the snow is leaving us, I am also looking forward for some sunny days with green trees and blue sky.

blue sky

And last but not least, in good remembrance:



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