Vacation is over… Kuntotie has us back. Flo and I are mostly working since the last weeks. We finished the rough cut of the commercial Video for Safartica and will hopefully get feedback from them on Tuesday. The rest of our “free-time” we are working for our bachelor thesis. We have to finish the first sketch of the thesis topic until next week. Luckily I am working together with my dear friend Maren, so I am not completely lost and alone here in Finland. But most of the time it really feels like being lost. Flo and me did not get all of the information about the thesis (we did not attend the lectures in Germany) and I think that makes it a little bit more difficult for us. And we are also in the end of our semester in Finland and still have some projects to finish.


Right now I still have to finish two photography projects. One is called “the riches of our neighbourhood” for the introduction to photography course, and the other one is for independent photography. At first, I had wonderful landscape images in my head, for the independent photography course, I really wanted to show the beauty of this country and everything that inspires me here. But I discovered, that my head is already heading back to Germany (maybe because the stress and work is just too much for me right now and I am longing for a place, where I feel comfortable being alone with a lot of work and that´s definitely my parents garden in Mannheim). So I changed my project completely… but have a look yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.52.58

And that´s my project for introduction to photography at the moment:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.53.13

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.53.31

If you have feedback, I would be happy to hear it from you! I will show you the outcome of the projects as soon as they are done, I promise! 😉


Oh and we have plenty of sun already! This picture was shot at 10:30pm. And the sun starts to rise at about 4am now. It is really hard for me to deal with this much sunlight. I think it is even harder, than it was for me to deal with “no-light”. Maybe I have some kind of “summer depression”. For this, the workload is maybe just perfect.

Greetz guys!




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