Vappu – Koivusaari Island

Last week was stuffed with University projects again! But there was also the Vappu celebration here in Rovaniemi. Vappu is celebrated in the last week of May and „ends“ on the 30th with big celebrations everywhere in the city. I was not participating in any of the celebrations during the week, but we went to this happening at the statue, where all those Finnish students and former students celebrate together. They have this tradition of washing the statue and putting this school-hat on top if afterwards. And the freshmen students are also getting „washed“ by the local firemen. It was crazy to see all those Finnish students wearing their colourful student uniforms everywhere (every faculty has its own colour). But we were also happy that it did not take too long, because it was pretty fresh outside and we are still underestimating the cold. The sun is up nearly 22hours now and it looks pretty warm, but unfortunately it is not. It is still at around -2 to 8 degrees and now and then it is snowing.




I really have struggles adapting to the amount of light, although it looks really beautiful with a lot of sunlight. The sun needs almost 4 hours to set down and the colours are crazy during sunset! Our „independent photography“ course also did an excursion to Koivusaari island yesterday. This place looked like from another planet. Somehow like a desert. Beautiful! I only take my analog camera with me recently, so unfortunately there are no digital photographs I can show you right now. But I will upload them as soon as I have them! We found a spot where somebody did fires before and decided to sit down and have a break. We made Finnish sausages and bananas with chocolate 😉 We had an awesome time!






As time runs by, I more and more notice, that I only have 23 days left here in Finland. To be exact, I only have two full weeks in Rovaniemi. I will be on an excursion to Helsinki next week… I am really looking forward to that, and I hope, that it I will also have some „free-time“ in Helsinki, as it is my last journey here. Work is still not getting less, it seems it is even growing. I hope to be able to finish at least one photography project and our documentary video project this week, so that there are only some essays and the commercial video project left.


Take care guys! And please keep me also updated 😉


One thought on “Vappu – Koivusaari Island

  1. Hi Sina! Nice to hear that you had opportunity to celebrate May Day (Vappu) while you were here in Finland. In my opinion its the most important celebration that every exhange student should see/attend if they choose to come to Finland because its a big and important event for students. I hope you had a blast, even the weather was cold. Im pretty sure your exchange months are already over and you have left to your home country, so I hope you had a magical time here in Finland and especially in Lapland. I guess im little bit jealous of the beautifull pictures of Laplands landscape.
    All the best for you !

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