Arctic Inspiration 2014

So here it finally is: our Arctic Inspiration Documentary Video 2014

I am in the middle of making a presentation for the bachelor presentation thing tomorrow in Germany. Maren will present our concept and I already feel bad, because I cannot be there with her…

I am also about to bind my photography books and I am more or less successful with that 😀 And I struggle A LOT with the sun not really setting down anymore. It really influences me physically. I was prepared for the darkness, but I am not prepared for the sunlight. I miss the night and the darkness a lot. I am waiting for this nice feeling, when everybody seems to be asleep. But it is not coming. I feel as if my soul craves for some silence and darkness. Even the birds are not sleeping anymore, you can hear them chirp the whole night. But the good thing is, that the trees are getting greener every second! It rained a lot and now there is as much sunlight as in a greenhouse, so perfect conditions for the plants to grow.

Have a nice day and enjoy the sun. It is 19 degrees here in Rovaniemi!!!








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