Arctic Inspiration 2014

So here it finally is: our Arctic Inspiration Documentary Video 2014

I am in the middle of making a presentation for the bachelor presentation thing tomorrow in Germany. Maren will present our concept and I already feel bad, because I cannot be there with her…

I am also about to bind my photography books and I am more or less successful with that 😀 And I struggle A LOT with the sun not really setting down anymore. It really influences me physically. I was prepared for the darkness, but I am not prepared for the sunlight. I miss the night and the darkness a lot. I am waiting for this nice feeling, when everybody seems to be asleep. But it is not coming. I feel as if my soul craves for some silence and darkness. Even the birds are not sleeping anymore, you can hear them chirp the whole night. But the good thing is, that the trees are getting greener every second! It rained a lot and now there is as much sunlight as in a greenhouse, so perfect conditions for the plants to grow.

Have a nice day and enjoy the sun. It is 19 degrees here in Rovaniemi!!!








Tampere – Helsinki – Turku

We were on an excursion to the Finnish cultural monuments and exhibitions the whole last week. We started on monday from Rovaniemi and drove down to Helsinki. We stopped at a lot of different churches and museums on our way. There was also a Moomin Exhibition in Tampere Museum! I just love them. Even though it was not really the purpose of this excursion to go and see the Moomins. 😀 On Tuesday evening, we arrived in Helsinki. We only had one day in Helsinki, which was a little bit too short time to explore everything, I wanted to see. But we had a lot of luck with the weather and were also able to visit the islands of Suomenlinna around Helsinki. Everything down south looked so much like summer. It is crazy how much I missed the feeling of walking on green grass and the smell of flowers. I wonder, if the summer will arrive in Rovaniemi before I leave.

There are only 2 weeks left in Finland now. Time goes so fast… I can´t believe I have been here for 5 months. The next and also last two weeks now are still full of university work. But… we finished the commercial video for safartica (I hope we will be able to publish it soon) and we will publish the documentary video at the beginning of next week. 😉

Vappu – Koivusaari Island

Last week was stuffed with University projects again! But there was also the Vappu celebration here in Rovaniemi. Vappu is celebrated in the last week of May and „ends“ on the 30th with big celebrations everywhere in the city. I was not participating in any of the celebrations during the week, but we went to this happening at the statue, where all those Finnish students and former students celebrate together. They have this tradition of washing the statue and putting this school-hat on top if afterwards. And the freshmen students are also getting „washed“ by the local firemen. It was crazy to see all those Finnish students wearing their colourful student uniforms everywhere (every faculty has its own colour). But we were also happy that it did not take too long, because it was pretty fresh outside and we are still underestimating the cold. The sun is up nearly 22hours now and it looks pretty warm, but unfortunately it is not. It is still at around -2 to 8 degrees and now and then it is snowing.




I really have struggles adapting to the amount of light, although it looks really beautiful with a lot of sunlight. The sun needs almost 4 hours to set down and the colours are crazy during sunset! Our „independent photography“ course also did an excursion to Koivusaari island yesterday. This place looked like from another planet. Somehow like a desert. Beautiful! I only take my analog camera with me recently, so unfortunately there are no digital photographs I can show you right now. But I will upload them as soon as I have them! We found a spot where somebody did fires before and decided to sit down and have a break. We made Finnish sausages and bananas with chocolate 😉 We had an awesome time!






As time runs by, I more and more notice, that I only have 23 days left here in Finland. To be exact, I only have two full weeks in Rovaniemi. I will be on an excursion to Helsinki next week… I am really looking forward to that, and I hope, that it I will also have some „free-time“ in Helsinki, as it is my last journey here. Work is still not getting less, it seems it is even growing. I hope to be able to finish at least one photography project and our documentary video project this week, so that there are only some essays and the commercial video project left.


Take care guys! And please keep me also updated 😉


Vacation is over… Kuntotie has us back. Flo and I are mostly working since the last weeks. We finished the rough cut of the commercial Video for Safartica and will hopefully get feedback from them on Tuesday. The rest of our “free-time” we are working for our bachelor thesis. We have to finish the first sketch of the thesis topic until next week. Luckily I am working together with my dear friend Maren, so I am not completely lost and alone here in Finland. But most of the time it really feels like being lost. Flo and me did not get all of the information about the thesis (we did not attend the lectures in Germany) and I think that makes it a little bit more difficult for us. And we are also in the end of our semester in Finland and still have some projects to finish.


Right now I still have to finish two photography projects. One is called “the riches of our neighbourhood” for the introduction to photography course, and the other one is for independent photography. At first, I had wonderful landscape images in my head, for the independent photography course, I really wanted to show the beauty of this country and everything that inspires me here. But I discovered, that my head is already heading back to Germany (maybe because the stress and work is just too much for me right now and I am longing for a place, where I feel comfortable being alone with a lot of work and that´s definitely my parents garden in Mannheim). So I changed my project completely… but have a look yourself:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.52.58

And that´s my project for introduction to photography at the moment:

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.53.13

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 13.53.31

If you have feedback, I would be happy to hear it from you! I will show you the outcome of the projects as soon as they are done, I promise! 😉


Oh and we have plenty of sun already! This picture was shot at 10:30pm. And the sun starts to rise at about 4am now. It is really hard for me to deal with this much sunlight. I think it is even harder, than it was for me to deal with “no-light”. Maybe I have some kind of “summer depression”. For this, the workload is maybe just perfect.

Greetz guys!




The last week and weekend, we enjoyed the calm before the storm. 😉 We went Snowmobiling again and also we did Husky sleigh riding. And all of that in Rovaniemi. It was really nice to see the city and surroundings from a snowmobile and husky sleigh. It definitely makes more fun, then by bike. 😀
It was a lot of fun. haha and we also got caught by the snowmobile police. They checked our alcohol level 😀 It was my very first police control!

Police Control

Husky Sleigh Ride

Florian and me also started to select the footage for our videos. Now we “only” have 30Gb of footage for the commercial video left and we will see how much for our documentary video. Right now we are finishing up most of the projects, so that we are able to actually think about our bachelor thesis. We will have to hand in our project description very soon….

And despite that, the weather is changing pretty fast. The sun is shining from 6am until 8:30pm now already! And the snow is almost gone, there is only icy snow left everywhere. But this means, Spring is here. We will have to adapt to the change of the environment. As sad as I am that the snow is leaving us, I am also looking forward for some sunny days with green trees and blue sky.

blue sky

And last but not least, in good remembrance:


Arctic Inspiration Workshop

Hey guys. I am back in Rovaniemi. I spent the last four days in Ylläs with the participants of the “Arctic Inspiration Workshop”. Flo and me had to film them during those 4 days. We will have to make a commercial video for Safartica. That´s an organisation who offers different kinds of tourist tours and attractions in Ylläs and also here in Rovaniemi. And we also have to make a documentary film about the course itself. So lots of work for us. We shot about 140GB of footage… I am kind of afraid to start looking through all of it, but I hope if we start it will go easier than expected.

The four days where full of fun activities! Most of them we could not really participate in, because we had to film. But we did not let us take to drive the snowmobiles. That was so much fun. Unbelievable nice to feel the speed again. 🙂 We also visited a husky farm. I was really looking forward for this, but in the end I was kind of brought to reality again. The dogs were tied to iron chains and smelled like they where ill. The minute I came there, I wanted to leave. But after some time, and as I was alone with them, they calmed down a little bit and I could actually enjoy the time with these animals. I really miss my pets. It´s strange how much animals are able to give.

The students also did snow shoe wandering and cross-country skiing. We made salmon again 😉 and yeah it was a pretty awesome time again. On Wednesday Flo and I have to meet with Safartica to discuss the commercial video footage. Let´s see. So now we will have to look through the material and start working on the editing and color correction and so on. Lots of work. Finally.

Trip To North

Our Trip to the North…

Everything started on Saturday morning. We (Linus, Marta, Luca, Karel and Myself) got a car and tried to fit everything in the car… Unfortunately we had to get another car with a roof box, because we had too many things. 😀 This changed our timetable for the first day completely. We where not able to drive to Sweden to the Snow Village, but instead, we drove directly to Kilpisjärvi. That´s far north in Finland. Nature changes so rapidly while driving north, it is unbelievable. We stayed one night in a really nice cottage/house there with our own sauna and kitchen and everything. We continued our trip the next day up to Tromsø. The beauty I saw while driving there was just breathtaking! Norway is so wonderful. The mountains and the color of the sea… I can´t describe how beautiful it was. In Tromsø itself we met the other group with Florian at the cottage place we stayed. We made a short trip into the city and hunted for northern lights at night. Unfortunately we where unlucky and did not see any northern lights. Our group stayed in Tromsø for another day. We made a museum tour the next day and spend another night in our small but also very nice cottage.

On wednesday we continued to Nordkapp. It took us the whole day to drive there. The streets got really bad to drive, but also it felt like driving in heaven! Everything was snow-white. The only company we had on these roads where trucks. It felt strange, but really really nice. As we got closer to the end of the world, I felt like time stood still. We arrived in the hostel in Honningsvåg when the sun had already set down. A really nice woman welcomed us and also explained us, how to drive to Nordkapp itself. Because… The road up there is not open for everyone. You have to drive up there by convoy, who only drives there twice a day. And only if the weather is good enough. But we where lucky 😉 We where also really really lucky with northern lights! I was outside smoking a cigarette and noticed, that the sky was really really green. So I called the others and as they came outside the sky cleared and we could actually see some green northern lights. We got Linus ready (because he was not so excited as we where, he had already seen them…) and drove somewhere without any city lights. As we got on our perfect aurora spot, the sky completely cleared and we saw the most wonderful Aurora Borealis one can imagine. One time they even formed a butterfly on top of the sky. I was not able to photograph that. I had to feel and enjoy it to the fullest. But of course I took some pictures!

After our stop at the end of the world, we continued to Inari. The weather was not really nice at that time, so we visited museums and the Sami Parliament. It was really interesting! The good thing for me here is, that in most museums there is Finnish, English and German translations. Sometimes they are quiet awkward, but I think that´s really nice. I heard a lot of german people talking in all of the museums we visited, so it is for a reason, I guess 😉 After Inari, we where invited to Lauri´s cottage. This was our last stop and it was somewhere in the woods of Kemijärvi. Linus and Lauri made the best salmon I have ever eaten in my life!  And I had my first wooden sauna! It was the best ending of our trip I could imagine. I will never ever forget this trip. It was the most wonderful time. If you plan to do a trip up north – PLEASE go for it!  It will be the best decision you will ever make. And I can give you some advice 😉

I will be gone to Ylläs tomorrow. Flo and me are attending the “Arctic Inspiration Workshop” for our video documentary course. We will have to shoot a documentary video and also a commercial video for “Safartica”. This will be lots of fun! But also lots of work… I am excited. Maybe I have some time to tell you some more about it the next days. And please keep me also updated about life in the rest of the world!



Trip To The North

I forgot to write you our route yesterday. I am sorry. So here it is:

<iframe src=”!1m67!1m8!1m3!1d6094516.335850143!2d26.9439753!3d68.1036288!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m56!1i0!3e0!4m5!1s0x442b4bbd76772553%3A0x158088adb48841c4!2sRovaniemi!3m2!1d66.4970216!2d25.724999!4m5!1s0x45d0c7bcfbbd1e59%3A0x5cf7194868234992!2sJukkasj%C3%A4rvi%2C+Schweden!3m2!1d67.8378283!2d20.608506!4m5!1s0x45daa82a0f7b1057%3A0x58d09bf673f2912c!2sK%C3%A4sivarrentie+14188%2C+Enonteki%C3%B6!3m2!1d69.014552!2d20.8791098!4m5!1s0x45c4c4e382e8632b%3A0x186f18c65bbac4cf!2sTroms%C3%B8+Camping%2C+Elvestrandvegen+10%2C+9020+Tromsdalen%2C+Norwegen!3m2!1d69.648367!2d19.016229!4m5!1s0x45c9a9563163f54f%3A0x6768176829ec3a70!2sKobbhullveien+10%2C+9750+Honningsv%C3%A5g%2C+Norwegen!3m2!1d70.9972326!2d25.960609599999998!4m5!1s0x45cd15916a56145b%3A0x505be9b4611593ec!2sN%C3%A4verniementie+17%2C+Inari!3m2!1d68.64344779999999!2d27.5289956!4m5!1s0x45cd5b7926add747%3A0x7a1c0ebd6d19ff56!2zS2lpbG9ww6TDpG50aWUsIFNvZGFua3lsw6Q!3m2!1d68.3373984!2d27.393244499999998!4m5!1s0x442c64abe8f96dc1%3A0xd40ff88cd61fc6d2!2sMikkosentie%2C+Kemij%C3%A4rvi!3m2!1d66.6300439!2d27.920839899999997!4m5!1s0x442b4bbd76772553%3A0x158088adb48841c4!2sRovaniemi!3m2!1d66.4970216!2d25.724999!5e0!3m2!1sde!2sfi!4v1393709131778&#8243; width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″>

We are already in Kilpisjärvi, had our first Sauna and are now enjoying our really nice cottage. I will keep you up to date, at least, when I am back.




Short stop at the Hospital

Sorry that I did not write a lot the last days, but I managed to hurt my knee really bad. I expected everything in this weather, but not that! 😀 The snow is melting away these days really fast and I was so depressed because of that. One morning Florian and me decided, not to take the bikes to university, but walk. It was so slippery outside I should have made a video of us trying to walk. It took us about an hour. But it was definitely an adventure.


So we managed to walk to university somehow without any accidents! But I managed to fall in the university cafeteria. I just stood there and turned… and fell. My kneecap popped out-of-place really bad (it is called “Patella Luxation”). I lost my consciousness for a few seconds and all I can remember where some nice Finnish people talking to me in Finnish. So that was how it happened. I was not really able to walk after that, but I did not want to take a taxi back home, so me and Flo walked back. I managed 😉 But my knee got worse. So the nicest Finnish women I know, Jaana, took me to the university doctor on the next day. But the doctor could not help me and told me I should go to the hospital and let it check there.  Again, Jaana brought me to the hospital and helped me find the right place. I would have been lost on my own!



I waited for about 2 hours (while reading Finnish children’s books) when they told me I should pull a number (at first they told me I don´t have to) so I pulled a number, waited for an hour again. Then I had to go to this information desk and she just asked me what happened, typed something in here Computer, gave me back my letter from the university doctor and told me to wait until the doctor will call my name. I did not have to pay anything, fill out some forms, nor show them any documents. This was really strange for me! In Germany nobody would help you without you having to fill out thousands of forms and documents first. I really like the Finnish health care system. In the end, the doctor pulled out  30 ml of blood from underneath my kneecap and I got some kind of bandage to stabilise it. She told me I would have to come back if it swells again or happens again. If not, I will be fine. =) And I am fine for now. Tomorrow we will start our journey to the north! Before that I will have to finish my essay and a documentation. I will do that now and afterwards I will show you our plan for the trip!

Trip To Tornio

On Tuesday I went to Tornio with the industrial design students. We went to a laser cutting place and afterwards to Sweden to Candy World! Haha that was so awesome. Everyone of us bought approximately 1kg sweets! We also saw IKEA 😀 And I spotted about 5 Audi 80 T89, here in Rovaniemi or Finland in general I barely see Audi and I have never seen my type of car. That made me really happy! On our way back home, we made a stop at a hill called the “midnight-sun hill” or something like this. The teacher dropped us out in the middle of nowhere and we hiked our way up to the top of the hill. We arrived there at just the right time, the sun started to set down and everything was covered in blue light. It was so beautiful.

Before I came here, I could have never imagined HOW beautiful this country is. There are times, where I am really sad or angry or just pissed because of university stuff, BUT as I go out of my room everything is suddenly forgotten! The calmness and beauty of the world outside makes everything so much better in a second. I am very happy that Flo and I made the decision to come here and I wish I could stay forever….

In 7 days we will start our journey to the far north! Our main route will be: Rovaniemi – Tromso – Nordkapp – Inari. I am so excited.