Arctic Design Week

On monday the Arctic Design Week started in Rovaniemi! For this event our course “Guerrilla Marketing” did different guerrilla interventions in the city centre throughout last week. Our group made the “Red String Project”. I am not really into writing an essay today, I am actually distracting myself from writing one at the moment, so here is our little video for you:

And on monday we finally started building the snow environment for the fashion show on saturday! The weather is still very mild at about 0 to -6 degrees celsius, so we are not able to fully follow our plans, but we built snow walls and are about to build the catwalk. Tomorrow and on friday me and Florian will be at the Arktikum the whole time building and sculpting snow 😉 I will post some pictures as soon as we are finished. On monday was also the official opening of the Arctic Design Week. It was really nice although I did not understand a word. But look for yourself:












I am looking forward for the next days! 😉


Arctic Design Week

Today started the arctic design week here in Rovaniemi. And we started building walls out of snow for the design show 😉 it was a very funny day and at the evening there was also the opening event. To make you a little curious some iPhone pics I took. I will write about everything else soon, I promise!











bicycle hell

So I guess this is the low point I was afraid of all the time. We were supposed to build the snow sculptures this week for next weeks Design Week… But the weather is so awful warm, that we are not able to build anything! It is around 0 to +3 degrees celsius all the time. I just want to cry! It´s so depressing. The snow slowly melts and I am able to see the pavement. I don´t want german winter here!!!! Go away!  The worst part is to drive the bike in this mud. I thought driving on icy roads is dangerous but actually it is far more dangerous to drive through this slush. Bicycle hell.


Ounasvaara II


Last week me and Karel made a spontaneously trip to Ounasvaara hill. We planned to take our cameras, shoot some photos and he wanted to Ski.  I wanted to show him the spot were we were the last time. So we found our way pretty okay to the top, but it was an adventure going down again. As it was only -2 degrees celsius the snow was not really hard, I kept sinking in every other step. I started freaking out a bit, because it started to get dark and here it feels like it only takes 5 minutes to get completely dark! So I was lost, I did not know where we where and how to find the way back home. As I was in the middle of a freak-out attack while almost completely sunken in the snow, suddenly there where probably 10 people coming towards me with snow shoes… I felt really silly 😀 Karel must have had the worst time with me! But after that incident, we finally found a real way with lights and ground I could walk on. It was steep, so we decided to sled and ski it down. This was awesome!!!

As we reached the finish line we discovered that we actually ended up on the other side of the hill and walking home would have taken us about an hour. So we stayed there a little, watched the people skiing and ordered a taxi home.

Next week is going to be really full of things for the Arctic Design Week. We will make our guerrilla marketing thing and we are going to build the snow and ice sculptures during the week as well. And I have my first exam on thursday: Finnish. Hopefully I will pass.

Have a nice rest weekend! And keep me updated, please.

And some iPhone pictures I took while freaking out:

A day with my Finnish Family

So I have to do separate entries now, because I missed telling you many things.

Last Sunday my Finnish family took me on a trip to the Napapiiri Hiking area. We were hiking through the forest on these wooden ways. But actually I was not able to see them, because there was so much snow everywhere. It was really nice! We walked across half-frozen rivers and many small little bridges. We made a break at a fire-place. In Finland there are these Fireplaces everywhere in the woods, where you can make a fire and sleep there for free at anytime!  There is free wood to make a fire and even an outhouse 😀 We also collected these lichen hanging from the trees and the girls made me a ball out of it. I still have it at home and it smells like forest, I love it. I was told, that these lichen grow on trees here in Finland, because the air is so pure. I love bringing home stuff from hiking tours and now I have this scent of Finnish forest in my room.

After the hiking trip they kindly brought me to Santa Village. I did not see Santa, because there was a large queue… But I saw all those letters to Santa Claus from all around the world. There were some really cute german letters. I love the fact, that every letter titled ”to Santa” will arrive in Rovaniemi and the Santa Village. So we stayed there for a short time, walked through all of those tourist shops and drove back home. At home the girls practiced piano and clarinet while waiting for the dinner to be ready. It was so nice hearing real instruments again, I have to admit I miss my piano and my violin even if I do not practice very often. And then there was dinner. It was awesome! We had lohi (salmon) and different kinds of vegetables like potatoes, mushrooms and beetroot. It was sooooo good. Thank you again for this nice dinner!

All in all I really had the best time here, yet. Enjoy the pictures 😉

yksi kuukausi

Wow.  I am in Rovaniemi for a month now! I will celebrate this with some photos 😉 And I will update you soon, I promise.

Friendly Finnish people

Yesterday I lost my iPhone at university! First I thought it might be somewhere in my pocket, but we tried to call it and we did not hear anything.  So I tried the “find my iPhone” thing and it told me it would be somewhere on the Rotko campus. Then I played a sound, but I did not hear anything as well. Now I panicked a bit, because I did not have a code or anything on my phone. I put in a code on this webpage and sneaked out of the lecture with my laptop and searched for my phone. And suddenly I heard a sound coming from the library. I went inside and there was this library person trying to mute my iPhone. I was soooo happy! She told me someone found it and gave it to her.

In Germany my phone would have been gone! That really made my day, I was so happy to have it back. And I will never ever leave it somewhere in the future. Finnish people are the nicest people I have ever met. Everyday there is another really positively surprise happening to me here.

Today I had to print something for Karel and I did not know how this color printing machine worked. So I asked about 3 different people and all of them where so kind and friendly to me. I finally managed to print without the normally required printing card! Just because the Finnish students where so nice to me.

I love this country and I love the people here!

Tomorrow I have a day off and I will try to not sleep till the sun is gone, but I want to go to the Arctic Center and enjoy some time at the museum. Maybe the light will be good to take some photos, too. Because I have only 3 pictures left on my color film and I want to develop it quickly to put a black and white film in my analogue camera! We are able to develop black and white film at the dark room here 😉 That´s why.

Please keep on updating me with a lot of information about your life, too! =)

Koska joskus minä olen vaikea

Last week and the weekend was so awesome! I finally got to meet my „Finnish family“. All Erasmus students could sign up for this Finnish friend program where you get the opportunity to meet a Finnish person according to interests and language skills. My Finnish friend is actually a family. They have 2 very nice girls! I was so happy when I finally met them. All of them speak German and Finnish because he is originally from Germany and she is from Finland, so hopefully the girls will teach me some Finnish. They love nature and being outdoors! Also the girls play the Piano and the Clarinet and love to dance and the mother is into photography as well. And they want to get a dog very soon! This meeting was all in all one of the happiest moments for me since I am here 😉

At the moment Flo and I are a little bit ill. I think for me it´s because I am not used to riding the bike EVERY day. And I think I ate some things I am not allowed to. But for that, I am quite happy that I am not as ill as I would be in Germany. I think the air and cold is good for me!

Oh and on Friday we also went to the Arctic Rally before we had class! Or it was more of an introduction to the different drivers and their cars at the Lordi´s Square in the city centre. It was so great. I loved the smell of the fuel and the adrenaline rushing through my veins only from watching them and imagining the feeling of driving. The first car was an Audi quattro!!! I miss my Audi.

At the weekend itself Flo made me the best present ever! He bought me a real Finnish sledge!!! And a red one. He is the best 😉 I was very down and not feeling good at this day, but when he gave me the sledge suddenly I was the happiest person in Kuntotie. So we went outside and sledded on a small forest path nearby. It was not really steep, but enough for me 😀 haha we had so much fun. So now I am the proud owner of a red sledge. It will also be very useful for buying grocery stuff!

Now I have to brainstorm for our snow sculpture workshop tomorrow. We have to bring some ideas what we want to built! This sculptures are also for the Arctic Design week 2014. Oh and we will do a catwalk out of ice and snow 😉 I am so looking forward to this workshop.

And my Mumin collection deeps growing. I know have a Mumin tea mug 😀

hyvää illalla

What I actually do

So university already started one week ago for me. I am sorry to not write you a lot about what I am actually doing in university. So here is my explanation:

Some courses already started, but most of them didn´t 😉 The courses I am already attending are Finnish for foreigners I, Art and culture in the north, Independent Photography and a workshop for guerrilla marketing for the arctic design week here in Rovaniemi. The art and culture course is held by different professors and therefore sometimes very interesting, but sometimes really boring. We also have to go to different museums and read books and write an essay as the exam. So we will see 😉

The Finnish course is very interesting! But sooooo hard you can´t imagine how difficult this language is. We had 3 lessons until now and the only thing I can remember is „minä olen sina(my name is sina)“ 😀 lil joke but  even my name is a problem over here, because „sinä“ in Finnish means „you“. And it´s pronounced just like my name… So that was a little bit confusing when the teacher asked me what my name was. 😀

The teacher for the photography class is justgreat! I don´t have words for how inspiring this guy is. Everytime he opens his mouth there are a million ideas in my head. And he let us make a pinhole camera for solargraphy pictures! I have to find a way to attach it somewhere where nobody will steal it. I am so happy that I am now able to do a real photography project for university and will receive credit points. 😉 The guerrillaworkshop is also a lot of fun. This course is more like the courses back at the DHBW. We are a group of 3-5 people and developing ideas together. So we thought about how we could make „design is everywhere“ visible for the arctic design week here in rovaniemi. So be curious 😉

Yes that is kind of what I do at the moment. I am really really tired all the time! I do takemy vitamins sometimes (I have to admit I forget it really often, too). I hope I will be more awake in one or two weeks… and it´s not that cold anymore. I was actually sweating today with -10 degrees celsius.

What more could I say?

I think the most important part are the people! They are so great. Either Finnish people I met or Erasmus students. Everyone is really nice and open minded and it´s just inspiring to meet all those different kinds of people.

How is life back in Germany / America and of course the rest of the world?